Are All Men Pedophiles?

  • Filmmaker: Jan-Willem Breure
  • Explores the “pedophile hysteria” by interviewing experts and argues that society isolates men by painting every man as a potential pedophile.
  • IMDB
  • Official site

Capturing the Friedmans

  • Director: Andrew Jarecki
  • Tells the stories of the Friedmans, who ran an after-school computer course in the 1980s and were arrested and convicted of child molestation.
  • IMDB

Givin’ It Up

Interviews with Female Child Sex Offenders

  • Director: Bill David
  • Interviews with two female sex offenders about their crimes, how they were caught, and advice they offer parents.
  • IMDB

Pervert Park

  • Filmmakers: Lasse Barkfors & Frida Barkfors
  • Follows residents of the Golden Palace mobile home park for sex offenders in Florida
  • IMDB
  • Featured on PBS POV

Sex Offender Village

  • Filmmakers: Lisa F. Jackson & David Feige
  • Short film about a community for sex offenders in Florida called “Miracle Village”
  • Watch here, courtesy of NY Times

Southwest of Salem

  • Director: Deborah Esquenazi
  • Follows the struggle for exoneration of four Latina lesbians who were wrongfully convicted of gang raping two young girls in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Official site
  • IMDB


  • Director: David Feige
  • Interviews registrants and victims to call attention to the unjust nature of current sex offense legislation
  • Official site
  • IMDB

Witch Hunt

  • Directors: Don Hardy Jr. & Dana Nachman
  • Critiques of the justice system and predator hysteria through the stories of people wrongly charged with molestation.
  • IMDB

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