“The mission of FightAWA.org is to bring an end to the Adam Walsh Act, a law that unconstitutionally prevents two adults in a loving relationship from being together. Additionally, we wish to put an end to the practice of denying a green card to a resident spouse already married in the US, thereby keeping them “captive” and unable to visit their families in their country. This creates broken hearts and incredible hardship on the family! We intend to fight to bring an end to the heartache brought on by the Adam Walsh Act and protect the rights of citizens worldwide.”

The site:


One thought on “Fight AWA

  1. It’s about time, This law is so unconstitutional it’s not even funny, talk about discrimination,
    you ever see a thief, murder, wall street exc who ripped us off, money laundering, or ANY other crime with registry requirements or computer or neighborhood notification…..it’s insane and a MAJOR problem in America. Complete alienation of an American citizen in their own country. You have my support.


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