From Florida Action Committee:

“The United States Sentencing Commission has sought public comment to sentencing guideline changes for Child Pornography offenses.

The sentences for these offenses currently do not reflect the culpability of the offender or the risk he or she presents. In many cases the punishment in the Federal system for someone who looks at these images would be harsher than the person who actually sexually assaulted the victim in the images.

The USSC has recognized the need to modify the sentencing guidelines for first time CP offenders, which is why they are seeking public input. We encourage you to write to the commission at the following:

Honorable Judge William H, Pryor, Acting Chair
United States Sentencing Commission
One Columbus Circle, N.E. Suite 2-500
Washington D.C. 20002-8002
Be sure to reference their request for comments on proposed amendments to ยง4C1.1

For guidance, you can read the letter submitted by FAC here:

The source link:

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