There are several proposed bills concerning sex offenders in Nevada. One would make it a sex crime to make travel arrangements for those involved in child pornography or sex trafficking. One would give greater authority to law enforcement monitoring offenders on lifetime supervision. There are three effecting juveniles:

  • Senate Bill 470 would allow Nevada schools to enter into a memorandum of understanding with juvenile probation officers in order to share information about the school attendance and grades of youths in the system.
  • Senate Bill 473 would “clean up” a state law against indecent exposure in front of a minor. The bill would exempt other minors from being charged under that statute.
  • Senate Bill 472 would change state law to exempt some juveniles convicted of sex crimes from having to register as a sex offender or appearing on public notification sites. Critics of the current law’s juvenile provisions have argued that public notification disenfranchises juveniles who could be reformed.

Read more by Wesley Juhl of Las Vegas Review-Journal:

and KKOH 780AM:


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